[clug] ssl and https

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 04:01:14 MST 2011

Hi Dylan
in addition to what Kevin Pulo has suggested:-

1. Firefox --> Preferences --> Network --> Settings
"should" be set to "Use system proxy settings" (it's counter intuitive,
means use none if none is set).

2. Firefox --> Preferences --> Encryption
tick both boxes (SSL3.0 and TLS1.0).

It seems unlikely that those settings would be the cause of your
problem, as they are default, and you've no reason to change them.

No offence intended - but most likely it is one of two things you
*didn't* tell us (ain't it always the way!).

1. Have you set up any sort of firewall in Ubuntu (other than bog
standard default, as it came out of the box settings)?

Unless I've (quite likely) missed something here, you are connecting to
a wireless modem, through which you connect to the internet....

2. How did you setup the modem? (absolutely stock? I had a fiddle? etc)

I suspect from the comment about Windoof VB (VirtualBox??) being able to
connect, that it is using UPNP, whereas Ubuntu isn't... In which case
you should consider reconfiguring your modem rules. (I consider UPNP the
network equivalent of ActiveX, others may disagree).
You can test that by turning off UPNP in Windoof and seeing if it will
still connect.


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