[clug] duplex scanner recommendations

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Wed Feb 23 16:26:54 MST 2011

On 24/02/11 10:19, Alex Satrapa wrote:
> On 24/02/2011, at 10:08 , Robert Edwards wrote:
>> Have you used the s1500 from Linux?
> No, it's one of those projects on my long list of things to do. Along with upgrading my Ubuntu install from Hardy Heron to something a little more recent, and getting my NSLU2 to boot again (I made the mistake of trying to boot it off a 500GB disk, and apparently its memory is too small to fsck a volume that large). Ultimately I was planning on having the NSLU2 act as the "scanning box" with OCR and PDF-ificiation happening on a desktop box when said power-thirsty device is switched on.
> I can't bring the scanner (mine's actually an S1500M, which means it's white and costs more money, but is the same device) to CLUG tonight - I have other plans - but I'm happy to drop it off sometime between now and 18 March so you can play with it for a month. I'm heading overseas so I won't be needing it until May sometime.
> Alex

Hi Alex,

That's very generous of you. I would love to have a play with your s1500
for a month or so. Can I come an pick it up somewhere?


Bob Edwards.

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