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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Wed Feb 23 01:24:59 MST 2011

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On 02/23/2011 04:21 PM, Stephen Walsh wrote:
> On 02/22/2011 09:05 AM, Angus Gratton wrote:
>> FWIW, the $2 is per order, and I think if someone joins their "club" (ie
>> accepts marketing spam) then it is waived.
> We're getting less value for money from Dominos as the Pizzas are being
> delivered, and not picked up ( ie - $6 per pizza pickup as opposed to $13 per
> pizza delivered).

Can I ask where you're getting those prices from?  Because I just researched
both pick-up and delivery options via:


As far as I can see the cost for delivery is $1-$2/pizza extra plus $5 to the
order - $8.95 vs $10.95 and $10.95 vs $11.95.  So it's not quite the $7 per
pizza that you're quoting there.  I'm happy to be corrected by someone who's
done more research than I have.

That works out at about one extra pizza for the first three pizzas and one
every four to eight pizzas thereafter.  So that doesn't sound like we're
losing out too badly by getting pickup - see below for my other reasons.

> WRT to the crust "spam", you can just create an account on their website and
> then decline the marketing spam. I haven't unticked that box and haven't
> received any spam from them, and you get a confirmation email once your order
> is placed.

It's sounding like the Crust pizzas are about double the cost.  I've seen
them, and they're not that much more pizza.  We can have only two of quantity,
quality and cheapness, perhaps unsurprisingly.

> It's a small increase in cost (which was discounted by Paul previously when
> this issue was discussed last), but sending someone out to collect means we
> get more pizza for the $$ put in. Plus, if we bump it to $7 per person, that
> can cover some drinks as well.

A slight correction - I don't discount (heh) that pick-up costs less.  The
problem is that it takes one, possibly two (if we need a student that isn't
driving) people to go and collect it.  Those two people don't get to see some
or all of the main presentation.  Now that I ride my motorbike to CLUG
meetings, I can't get it, so it has to be someone else.

If there's a person that's willing to volunteer to go and get them, then I'm
happy to set them to it.  But I myself don't want to and am happy, at the
moment, to pay a bit more to have them delivered.  (Mind you, I also need to
sit down with the people there and some appropriate clue-imparting equipment
so they can work out that when I say what the address is, this is where I want
it to go.)

If I get four people who flop an "I want Crust pizzas and am prepared to pay
extra for it" email in my inbox before tomorrow evening, I'll go with that
route; otherwise we'll go with Dominos and see what we can sort out about
delivery or pick-up.

Have fun,

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