[clug] SheevaPlug alternatives?

Stephen Gibson Stephen.Gibson at anu.edu.au
Mon Feb 21 17:42:04 MST 2011

Apple TV 2G is a neat little device. Unfortunately, my attempted
jail break met with "Apple TV could not be restored. This device isn't 
eligible for the requested build".
Apparently, Apple/iTunes will no longer sign off on the 4.0 firmware, and 
the new firmware 4.1 (iOS 4.2.1) does not yet have a jail break. Hopefully, 
in the near future.


> As much as I don't want to promote Apple products whilst they are
> so keen on their iStore vendor-lockin software model, I can't help
> looking at the Apple TV 2 ($129 off-the-self from Mac1 here in
> Canberra) which has 1GHz ARM, 8GB Flash, USB, 10/100/1000 Ethernet
> and Wi-Fi. Although it runs iOS (FreeBSD kernel), it can be jail-
> broken, then run up SSH on it and off you go (we have one here doing
> just that). No fan, integrated AC supply, small and cute. May also
> run Linux one day soon...
> Also has HDMI, in case you want to use it as an Internet TV device...
> Also comes with an IR Remote Control: could be useful for something...

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