[clug] ssl and https

dylan porter dylan.porter3 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 02:07:18 MST 2011

yeah sorry about that

Right well my computer is a toshiba satellite l500d, it is running
ubuntu 10.10. It has a realtek 8191se wifi card in it which i gave up on
because the driver didnt work. I now have an asus usb wifi card that works.
My problem is that i cannot connect to some websites that have ssl and
https, like facebook and sourceforge and it wont connect to instant
The thing that confuses me is that i can connect to these things in my
Windows XP virtual machine.

Yes i do know my English isn't good and that sucks because it is my only
language and i do not need people rubbing it in my face all the time

On 17/02/11 19:39, Mike Carden wrote:
> Hi Dylan.
> Welcome to CLUG. We would like to help you.
> Please tell us more about your computer.
> If you write in clear English language sentences with punctuation and
> carefully considered ideas, you will receive help from many very
> skilled people.
> If you dump on us like you just did, most people will ignore you.
> Best Regards,
> MC

dylan porter

how good are you at guessing psudo random numbers?
**still very much alpha**

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