[clug] Installing an Android OS onto a PC

Felix Karpfen felix.karpfen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 22:28:33 MST 2011

On Thu, 17 Feb 2011 12:18:13 +1100, Ian Bardsley wrote:

> Or alternatively, download and install the required apps from within
> marketpace by selecting the app and tapping the install button.  Just a
> reminder though, make sure that you are connected to the network via
> WiFi rather than 3G or some billing shock may come your way.
> Good luck
> On 17/02/11 12:09, Mike Carden wrote:
>> Felix,
>> Assuming you have access to the Android Marketplace when you connect
>> your tablet to a network, do a search on 'Barcode' and install one of
>> the barcode scanner applications. Once the app is running you should be
>> able to point your tablet's camera at a QR Code and your tablet should
>> 'do the right thing'.
> --
> Ian Bardsley


The difficult we do immediately; the impossible takes a little longer (W. 

a) attempting to download "Quickmark Barcode Scanner" from Android Market 
to my PC failed; after complying with the request to "sign in" (which 
automatically sent my GMail login data), I was advised that "there are no 
android phones associated with this account" - which is true.  I have no 
android phone (and no ready access to Android Market via my tablet);

b) the tablet does provide ready access to "Apps Market"; this offers a 
"Barcode Scanner 3.3.1" for download.  I read some of the 51 comments 
from users who tried that package.  None of the users got the package to 

c) although my tablet includes a camera, the supplied manual gives no 
hints on how to use this feature.

Looks like a lost cause to me.

Thank you for the suggestions.


Felix Karpfen
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