[clug] OS deployment server

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 19:48:50 MST 2011

I have a handful of new Xeon servers that I want to set up with almost
identical OS installations. The plan at this stage is to get one of
them up, running and configured with Debian stable AMD64, then use its
image to set up each of the others.

Once upon a time I would have used Norton/Symantec Ghost for this. It
would take an image of the working machine, then other machines could
be booted from removable media and have the image copied to them
across a network connection from the Ghost server.

Can anyone suggest a Linux or FOSS equivalent to that sort of Ghost

So far my web searching seems to suggest that Spacewalk
[http://spacewalk.redhat.com/] *might* do what I want. Ideally it
would be great to hear from someone who has used something like this



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