[clug] VMware ThinApps: anything like this in the FOSS/Linux world?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Apr 30 01:11:42 MDT 2011

I agree, it just keeps going around in circles.

But these ThinApps aren't (just) statically linked executables.
They could be implemented with DLL's if you wanted :-)

The closest things I can think of are:
 - TCL 'StarKits' &
 - self-extracting archives

The key design point is "a real VM in a single EXE" - no muss, no fuss,
no big install...

How thin? NFI :-(

Randall Crook wrote on 30/04/11 1:58 PM:
> You mean like a statically linked executable?
> Sorry, I just had to. ;) IT just keeps going round in circles. :)
> Randall. 

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