[clug] Backup Samsung Phone over Network

Jeff Stiff smee.heee at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 02:47:03 MDT 2011

G'Day All,

Does anyone have any knowledge of any Linux software that will allow a
Samsung (B7722) to be backed up over the network.  The phone seems to
have two Sync methods.  One is ActiveSync which I believe allows the
contacts etc to be sync'ed with Gmail, and another Syncronise method
that I believe uses SyncML. This allows syncing to some paid services
for backup purposes I believe.

It is the latter sync that I am more interested in, but instead of
going to some third party, I just want to backup the data on a machine
on my network.  I have had a fairly quick look at thinks like
OpenSync, but from what I can see this is more for syncing between say
Evolution and the phone.

The phone in the "Syncronise" menu seems to be wanting Sync server
(HTTP), and then user name and passwords for the database for each:
Contact; Schedule; Task; and Memo.

Does anyone know of linux software available that would allow this?

I could create an account to allow the data to sync to Evolution etc,
but I really want this to be done over the network rather than via USB
or Bluetooth etc.

Any info appreciated.


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