[clug] Fwd: Ubuntu compatible laptop

Nathan O'Sullivan nathan at mammoth.com.au
Wed Sep 29 23:10:34 MDT 2010

On 28/09/10 10:16, steve jenkin wrote:
> Warren Gardner wrote on 27/09/10 8:14 PM:
>> Well I was on the phone to India to inquire about Dell Vostro.
> <snip bad stuff>
>> That story changed a little over the length of the phone call. By the end of
>> the conversation: I would be able to dual boot but if any driver
>> configurations etc are changed, I void the warranty.

All our work PCs are Dell, but I work remotely from the company office. 
I'm not sure of the details of our warranty setup with Dell, but we are 
not special - just a regular 20-something person business with the same 
number of desktop PCs.

Recently my computer's power supply started having a problem where it 
would make a cranky noise, and a few days later, the system would go 
into a infinite-reboot cycle. Power it off for half hour and it would be 
fine for another week - one of those annoying issues where you cant just 
says "its dead". We logged a warranty request, they said it would be a 
couple of days while they sent replacement parts out.

Dell's guy turned up to my house, I briefly explained the symptoms and 
how I wouldn't be able to show him anything actually wrong with the 
system. So I powered off my computer, took it into the kitchen, he 
replaced the power supply and we booted it back up. Confirmed PC was 
still working and he was on his way.

He was not interested at all in the operating system I was running. 
Granted, this is business support instead of consumer but I was 
pleasantly suprised at how willing they were to accept my diagnosis and 
replace the part without making me jump through hoops.


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