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Re: If Warren has written correspondence, he could try sending it to the

No I was actually on the phone.

I have previously had issues with Macbook. Four of them, all faulty. Apple
Australia have a lady whose job title is Executive Relations Specialist. One
of the things I refer to her as is Mr Wolf (Pulp Fiction) because she makes
problems go away. So Conrad is so right when he says they will try and
discourage people claiming warranty. Anyhow that is a long messy story. I
got the help of a kind lawyer in the end and she got me my money back.

Apple have a 10 day Dead On Arrival policy.  Meaning (but not necessarily
practiced) that if the product is faulty in this period they will replace
the whole thing.  My lawyer said if the product does not do what it has been
sold to do they have to either repair the product or replace it.  The time
period for this was a bit vague but it could be a year or more latter,
depending on what is reasonable for that product.  I was on the phone to the
ACCC and read the ACCC website (as Conrad has linked to) and they said a
similar thing.  Actually so did Fair Trading, but all they could do was
smile at Apple Inc and say pretty please.

So this is why I don't have a laptop.  I do not want to go through that
again.  Though I must say Apple never had an issue with my using Linux.
Actually at the time they where introducing a program to make it easy to
dual boot (with Win).


On 28 September 2010 20:54, Conrad Canterford <
conrad at mail.watersprite.com.au> wrote:

> On Tue, 2010-09-28 at 10:16 +1000, steve jenkin wrote:
> > Warren Gardner wrote on 27/09/10 8:14 PM:
> > > Well I was on the phone to India to inquire about Dell Vostro.
> > <snip bad stuff>
> > > That story changed a little over the length of the phone call. By the
> end of
> > > the conversation: I would be able to dual boot but if any driver
> > > configurations etc are changed, I void the warranty.
> > Do we have anybody on-list with real legal knowledge, or with access to
> > someone who has?? Or has somebody ever asked this question of the ACCC
> > or a Fair-Trade commission?
> There are statutory warranties, and a lot of the noise over warranties
> is FUD. For example, last I looked, there is actually no time limit on
> the statutory warranties. I don't work in this area, though, so my
> knowledge is both 5 years out of date and also tarnished by 5 years
> worth of rustiness.
> If Warren has written correspondence, he could try sending it to the
> ACCC to have a look at, but don't expect a speedy response. Also read:
> http://www.accc.gov.au/content/index.phtml?itemId=3863&Go.x=14&Go.y=11
> which may have additional info (I didn't dig, sorry).
> Most people want their <insert technical componentry here> to be fixed
> quickly and painlessly if it does broke. The FUD serves to discourage
> people from doing stuff that the technical support people don't want to
> deal with, and also helps remove some potential warranty claims - both
> significant cost savers for the manufacturer. Not that I'm a cynic or
> anything.
> Conrad.
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