[clug] [OT] Virgin Blue outage: All things come back to Open Source?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Sep 27 19:44:10 MDT 2010

A Good write up of the recent Virgin Blue outage.
Wonder if we'll ever hear the full facts?:

VB had contracted for service to be restored within 3 hours.
I don't think them having clunky manual systems was unreasonable...

Searching for another piece, it seems MSFT had a little similar trouble
just recently:

There was this major outage on 09-Oct-2009: T-Mobile and Sidekick

It seems the operations are:
 - too complex for 'mere admins' and
 - the system designers aren't building in robustness

Here's another article I hadn't seen before that makes a point about
FOSS being better to run your business on :-)

"Can open source software stop IT failure?"

Their thesis is about IT/Business 'Alignment' being improved.
What's clear from the Virgin Blue debacle, is that the value of IT
systems is much lower than the business costs of outages.

Original ZDnet piece:

"Open source doesn’t even cut costs, because code licenses represent
only a tiny portion of a major product’s cost."

"The chief value of open source is visibility."


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