[clug] pizza system

Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Thu Sep 23 05:45:29 MDT 2010


I know Paul rides a motor bike so can not easily pick up the pizzas, also I
only have a bicycle at work so can not get them, Mikal's wife is allergic to
ham so making his car smell like dead pig is not a good plan. However I
think the pizzas should be picked up as they will be a lot cheaper. The
numbers we used to get for many years were 3/4 the number of people who put
their hands up, also purchasing exttra drinks and cups at woolworths if need

However this does require someone to go pick things up and potentially miss
some talk time.

The other option is increase the pizza price every month, also have someone
buy drinks and cups and bring them a long.

The 3/4 calculation proved far too many at linux.conf.au 2005, however it
was surmised the gannets at CLUG [0] could sustain that amount easily.

I think the old forumla needs to be reapplied, though it requires someone to
put some more effort in. Otherwise more money will need to be thrown at the
problem to bring back the formula.

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