[clug] [OT-slightly] Annoying propriety dongle for DELL 1855 chassis

Antony Wuth foobie at gmail.com
Mon Sep 20 20:38:06 MDT 2010

Good afternoon,

In my quest to acquire the most propriety annoying hardware possible I have
ended up with a Dell 1855 chassis. Aside from it being a useful exercise
machine I would ideally like to be able to use the two blades in it. Even
better would be to be able to install a (real) OS on them...

In Dell's (and seemingly most blade system manufactures) world a propriety
dongle to access the KVM functions seemed like a sensible move...

Now to the question: would anyone have access to either a front panel
dongle, a rear dongle or even a KVM that talks to the (presumably propriety)
rj45 kvm port? Would you allow me to borrow, buy or steal such a device for
as long as it takes me to ensure I can netboot the blades...

Antony Wuth

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