[clug] SFD this Saturday

Daniel Black daniel.subs at internode.on.net
Thu Sep 16 18:47:07 MDT 2010

Thanks to all those who said they were coming on Saturday. More are welcome. 
Let me know so you can get free entry.

I've updated the plan here:


For those that are coming please take 30 seconds to read

As Lana suggested were going to be doing prizes and giveaways. I'm thinking 
for giving away the Tuzs that we require they answer a free softare question 

I'm thinking a range of questions depending on age group for example:

Which of the following is free software: Outlook, Firefox, Photoshop

Give 3 reasons why software should be free?

What freedoms are you missing on your iPhone/phone?

What is the logo for Linux?

Some others' I'll come up with as I prepare a presentation but until then what 
other questions could be used?


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