[clug] Software Freedom Day - Yes - its happening! (even if a little lately organised)

Daniel Black daniel.subs at internode.on.net
Fri Sep 10 21:59:33 MDT 2010

Rapidly doing a last minute organisation of SFD (appolgies for being late. 
Last minute support here will be appreciated)


>   1) the actual SFD stall at the Bus Depot Market
booking request made for the Computer Markets.

Please let me know if you can turn up on the day (Saturday morning).

>   2) promotional items such as an article in the CT and interviews on ABC 
local radio

Any volunteers here? Anyone know about how to do smooth and productive media 

3) Slide Presentation

I'm planning on doing a slide show going through a few software feedom success 
stories and contrasting them with non-free failures.

Thoughts so far were:

1. OpenCart - free software - feedback
Slide one - free and open software - was missing transparent PNG support
Slide two - few hours development -adds support
Slide three - next release has this support for everyone

2. Mobile Phones - non-free OS
Slide one - Phones
Slide two - Missing features - wireless VOIP fallback / on phone messagebank
Slide thee - contrained interfaces (AppStore / close platform) is denying 
consumer featurees

3. M$ Sharepoint - data (non-)freedom
Slide one - Screenshot
Slide two - Company/Department stores business information there
Slide three - No migration path without loosing business information or high 
datamigration costs

4. Xena - data freedom
Slide one - Screenshot
Slide two - open data storage format / opensource code
Slide three - customer enhancements / datamigration possible

Any others/enhancements that highlight the freedoms of software? Email me the 
idea or if you have time a few ODT slides. Quick/Simple and highlight a 
software freedom benefit would be great.

4) Other ideas?

Please tell us and volunteer!


Daniel Black
Late SFD canberra organiser

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