[clug] ACT Map i and SVG

Boris Rousak b.rousak at qmul.ac.uk
Mon Sep 6 02:52:31 MDT 2010

hmm, I am not sure if this helps you, but... just tried to access the 
website using "Enter ACTmap" button, and got "HTTP Error 500". Tried it 
using IE, and got the same thing, so maybe it'll just work with firefox 
just fine, but ATM it seems to be down :(


On 06/09/2010 09:08, Brett Worth wrote:
> I'd like to access the ACT Mapping site:
> http://www.actmapi.act.gov.au/
> but it seems they only support IE.  One thing that puzzles me is that when it asks for SVG
> support it directs you to the adobe site for a non-existent plugin.  On the adobe site
> there's a test page to show if your browser supports SVG and according to adobe my firefox
> 3.6.8 does not.
> If I go to another SVG test site though
> (e.g.http://www.croczilla.com/bits_and_pieces/svg/samples/) I get nicely rendered SVG in
> my browser.  So my question is: Does the adobe svg plugin that the ACTPLA/Microsoft
> partnership are calling for support some different svg to what firefox supports?
> Brett

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