[clug] ACT Map i and SVG

Brett Worth brett at worth.id.au
Mon Sep 6 02:08:58 MDT 2010

I'd like to access the ACT Mapping site:


but it seems they only support IE.  One thing that puzzles me is that when it asks for SVG
support it directs you to the adobe site for a non-existent plugin.  On the adobe site
there's a test page to show if your browser supports SVG and according to adobe my firefox
3.6.8 does not.

If I go to another SVG test site though
(e.g.http://www.croczilla.com/bits_and_pieces/svg/samples/) I get nicely rendered SVG in
my browser.  So my question is: Does the adobe svg plugin that the ACTPLA/Microsoft
partnership are calling for support some different svg to what firefox supports?


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