[clug] Telephone line voltage

Keith keiths at apex.net.au
Sun Sep 5 03:41:19 MDT 2010

On Thursday 02 September 2010 12:12:42 a startled Andrew Boyd wrote:

> Shocking!

	Indeed - at least it startled me.

> Puns aside, is this acceptable? 

	Well I think not but Telstra seem to think it is.

To which Sam Couter added :

> The short answer is yes, 110V is quite dangerous and can easily be lethal.

	To people or equipment?  All this started with trying to diagnose reason(s) for a failed 
motherboard and a failed answering machine.

Jason perturbed further with :

> Get?even the lower bound?across your heart and?you have a heart attack.?AC is 
> particularly good for inducing fibrillation.

	And just on a year ago I had atrial fibrillation - but it was almost certainly due to post-
operative stress.

And a doubtful Mike Carden added :

> I'm a tad skeptical about 110VAC being present on a phone line for any
> length of time.

	Well today (Sunday) I retested and with the black probe on the left, the red probe on the right 
and the test meter set to 200AC I got a reading of 107.4.  Switching the probes round the reading 
was nil so polarity may have something to do with it.  Then setting the meter to 200DC produced 49.0 
either way round.

	It still all bothers me, any suggestions would be welcome.  And anyone passing through 
Charnwood would be welcome to come and see for themselves.  Incidentally those reading were taken 
with all instruments disconnected - just a lead from the skirting board box up to my table where I 
had it taped down.

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