[clug] Install Fest ( 25th Sept 2010 )

Scott Ferguson prettyfly.productions at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 21:44:45 MDT 2010

 On 02 Sep 2010 11:57:25 +1000 jeff <jeffm_at_ghostgun.com>  wrote:
> </snip>
>   As I'm sure your all aware Software Freedom Day is 18th September this 
> year. Traditionally the following weekend an Install Fest is held to 
> help install, discuss and diagnose problems that new or old FOSS uses 
> may be having. As in previous years it will be held in the same room 
> used for CLUG meetings at ANU. Here are the details and what we still 
> require to get this going.
> Location: ANU CSIT  Room N101
> Date: Saturday 25th September 2010
> Time: 10:00 to 15:00
> What we need:
>   * People to help with setting up and running things on the day.
>   * Equipment ( see below)
> Equipment:
>   Please let me know if your able to provide any of the following or if 
> you think that there's something missing.
>   * Chairs and tables ( already available as part of the room)
>   * Computers to act as support for installs. For things like burning 
> CD/DVD images we don't already have, transferring data to USB flash 
> drives, to act as Internet terminals to look things up, etc.
>   * Food and drink to keep the installers alive and happy (tea, coffee, 
> snacks, etc).
>   * Power boards and extension cables.
>   * Network cables
>   * Network switch
>   * Signage so people can find us on the day.
>   * CD and DVD images of FOSS software.
>   * Blank CDs and DVDs to burn to.
>   * Paul said he has a machine which he has used at past install fests 
> as a Internet gateway (NAT box) and iso image server but it needs an 
> overhaul before being used.
>   * Anything I've forgotten.
> If you care to volunteer to help on the day and/or are able to provide 
> any of the above equipment for use on the day or you're able to prepare 
> Paul's machine for use please reply to this email either on list or off.
> Your help is appreciated,
> Jeff.

I doubt I can make the day.
If someone can collect them from me (Pialligo/Majura) I'd be delighted
to donate a couple of pre-built and pre-configured computers:-

    * an IPCop based router, DHCP server and firewall with
      http://update-accelerator.advproxy.net/ and a sizeable cache of
      .deb packages - currently modified to support an USB 3G
      connection, but given the details I can set it up for whatever
      internet connection will be available. It's a headless (old laptop
      with dead screen) machine.
    * a PXE/bootp/tftp Debian install server, with PXE boot cd and a PXE
      boot usbkey for machines that don't natively PXE boot -
      documentation to make it simple to add other distros and
      configurations to the install menu options. I can put a light KDE
      desktop with a web browser on it for research and firewall server
      administration. (would you like a wiki with that?)

Wired together these boxen make customized builds very fast and simple -
just hook up a client, choose a build option from the menu and have a
coffee while it builds. Any required package is only downloaded once
from the internet - thereafter available at LAN speed.


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