[clug] linux Digest, Vol 92, Issue 62

Bob Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Thu Sep 2 07:32:33 MDT 2010

On 02/09/10 20:32, Conrad Canterford wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-09-02 at 19:17 +1000, Mike Carden wrote:
>> And I have no idea what any of this might have to do with Bob's radio
>> reception. I've been waiting for one of this list's radio amateurs to
>> chime in with advice for Bob.
> Perhaps someone using Broadband-over-powerline in a nearby house? I
> didn't think ACTEW-AGL were playing with that, but I'm not sure. Another
> possibility could be a neighbour who has installed a powerline-LAN
> system. The stuff I've read strongly suggests that both these (closely
> related) technologies are prone to splattering RF all over the place. It
> might also be possible if Bob is using a mains-connected radio that
> these types of signals might be entering the radio via the power cables.
> I will freely admit to just guessing, however. I have recently
> re-acquired my amateur licence, but that was on the basis of having held
> one 20 years ago, not on the basis of current knowledge. My knowledge is
> therefore quite rusty, and we all know rust is not conducive to a good
> signal-noise ratio.
> Conrad

So, thanks everyone for all the tips etc.

The interference on my AM radio(s) (3 mains powered and one battery)
continues on. I have turned off many mains devices but the interference 
remains. The interference appears to be localised to my house (drops
off quite rapidly outside the house). There is a 0.4Hz (12 cycles in
30 seconds) "beat" (or maybe pulsing) to the interference.

I have tried unplugging my Naked ADSL2+ link from the modem/router.
No difference. I can't really isolate it any further - it goes
directly to the incoming subscriber line point.

I am currently wondering if I may have some sort of weird ground loop
or similar (maybe my earth stake connection is faulty). The hunt
continues. If anyone has a directional radio finder that works in
the MW band, I would be interested in talking to you.


Bob Edwards (who is still tempted to install win32codecs... but hasn't
succumbed - yet)

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