[clug] Install Fest ( 25th Sept 2010 )

jeff jeffm at ghostgun.com
Wed Sep 1 19:57:25 MDT 2010

Please ignore the email from the other address if it makes it through. I 
should have sent it from this one.

  As I'm sure your all aware Software Freedom Day is 18th September this 
year. Traditionally the following weekend an Install Fest is held to 
help install, discuss and diagnose problems that new or old FOSS uses 
may be having. As in previous years it will be held in the same room 
used for CLUG meetings at ANU. Here are the details and what we still 
require to get this going.

Location: ANU CSIT  Room N101
Date: Saturday 25th September 2010
Time: 10:00 to 15:00

What we need:
  * People to help with setting up and running things on the day.
  * Equipment ( see below)

  Please let me know if your able to provide any of the following or if 
you think that there's something missing.

  * Chairs and tables ( already available as part of the room)
  * Computers to act as support for installs. For things like burning 
CD/DVD images we don't already have, transferring data to USB flash 
drives, to act as Internet terminals to look things up, etc.
  * Food and drink to keep the installers alive and happy (tea, coffee, 
snacks, etc).
  * Power boards and extension cables.
  * Network cables
  * Network switch
  * Signage so people can find us on the day.
  * CD and DVD images of FOSS software.
  * Blank CDs and DVDs to burn to.
  * Paul said he has a machine which he has used at past install fests 
as a Internet gateway (NAT box) and iso image server but it needs an 
overhaul before being used.
  * Anything I've forgotten.

If you care to volunteer to help on the day and/or are able to provide 
any of the above equipment for use on the day or you're able to prepare 
Paul's machine for use please reply to this email either on list or off.

Your help is appreciated,

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