[clug] Digital Camera selection help

Eyal Lebedinsky eyal at eyal.emu.id.au
Wed Sep 1 03:30:53 MDT 2010

It is now known that the important issue it for it to be very portable, then
comfortable to use with bad fingers.

I have seen many very small and very capable cameras - I actually carry one
in my pocket (a Sony DCS-T700). Good results in general use, excellent macro.
However it is a touch screen type and the shutter button is on the small
size, not a good fit for your needs.. This is only one example of the very
compact type (there are smaller ones too). I guess too small can be a
hindrance here.

I use an SLR for more serious times, and will *not* recommend it for
general, casual use and surely not for travel. You get an SLR when you really
want such features (interchangeable lenses, rich features set with manual
controls, wide accessory selection).

There is a large selection in the middle range, compact with wide zoom range
and good facilities that drop easily into any small bag. A good zoom makes
up for the lack of a changeable lens.

Once you select the form factor that you like, check the other features and
then look up the price. This should give you a good choice, and I personally
do not see a major difference between the brands, I had much fun with both
Nikon and Canon (Olympus in the film days) and will have no problem with
either. Other leading brands are probably on a par.


On 31/08/10 21:34, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>   I'm searching for a digital camera that:-
>      * is fully supported under GNU-Linux
>      * suitable for arthritic fingers
>      * costs less than a new laptop
> It would be a bonus if it could be locally sourced.
> It doesn't need to be particularly sophisticated.
> 2 days of trawling through ad-infested web searches has got me no useful
> results :-(
> I've suggested adding the "suitable for arthritics" tag to
> Hardware4Linux, but don't expect much (they've only got 6 cameras listed).
> Thanks in advance.

Eyal Lebedinsky	(eyal at eyal.emu.id.au)

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