[clug] Enterprise Linux use

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Oct 13 15:24:33 MDT 2010

Carlo Hamalainen wrote on 12/10/10 4:46 PM:

> Can anyone on the list point to a situation where a government
> department or large business has actually sued a software vendor for
> supplying a product that is not up to scratch? I feel that it's an
> option that people like to keep open but never actually use, although
> I might be out of touch with the enterprise software world.

The few I know:

 - Attorney General's cancelled a project circa 1998. All I can remember
is that Apple Macs (pre OS/X) were part of it. [project]

 - 2003 ADCNET (DFAT/BHP-IT vs GEC Marconi) in Federal Court.
   Development project.

 - National Library sued, or threatened to, Oracle over a free-text
searching product. [vendor product]

Something of relevance, "service credits". When outsourcers don't meet
their SLA's, they get to pay in funny money, "service credits".
Not a law suit, but a real penalty.

The first or second Defence SSRP went for a decade and consumed a
reported $1B. Replaced with an ERP (by IBM?). Not sure if any action or
recovery of monies.


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