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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun Nov 14 02:51:08 MST 2010

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On 11/12/2010 07:16 AM, steve jenkin wrote:
> Is there some group subscription to LWN that I can take advantage of?
> More specifically, does linux.au or anyone have any deal for LUG's?
> PaulW made a comment at the PSIG last night about reading Linux Weekly
> News - good summaries, interesting comment.
> Of course, some of the interesting stuff costs $7/mo to get to :-)
> It seems I'd be remiss in not checking if there's already a cheaper option.

There's the 'starving hacker' subscription - $3.50 - which still allows you to
read the latest news.

Can I recommend you think about the story behind Linux Weekly News?  It's
basically the livelihood of three editors - Jon Corbet, Jake Edge, Rebecca
Sobol.  They research their stories, go to conferences and hear the news,
trawl the email lists and news sites, and maintain the site themselves.  LWN
has few ads and they make up less than 10% of their revenue.  Subscriptions
are what keep these people alive.

And LWN is not making a lot of money.  They've asked more people to subscribe
and considered ways of adding benefits for subscribers (without trying to
punish non-subscribers).  Part of the reason why Rusty is talking about a
"supporter" level is because he (like myself) finds it so incredibly useful
and interesting - their recent series on design patterns in Linux has been
fascinating and made lots of good points.  Recently I have made it my
principle to support people who are doing things that I get benefit from and
enjoy, to keep those people doing the thing that _they_ enjoy.

They do have 'group' subscriptions but these are basically for small
businesses and the like: the Bronze package is $45/month for ten people.  I
don't mind if a bunch of people from CLUG group together and get one of these,
but it's going to be about $4.50 per person; less, it must be said, than the
$7 per month for an individual subscription, but only if you can collect the
money and get everyone to pay up.  I volunteer to not do this :-)

Anyway, have fun,

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