[clug] [OT?] group subscriptions to LWN

jan jan.marecek at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 00:33:29 MST 2010

Ben Nizette <bn at niasdigital.com> writes:
> That said, even as a student and part-time linux hacker LWN is of
> great value to me, I'm paying the max subscription rate at the moment
> and would be happy to pay more than that if I could!

In case anyone missed it, Rusty is lobbying for a $500-$1000 "Supporter"
level subscription option:


    Please: next time you comment on LWN, could you add some sig-line
    lobbying for the Supporter-level subscription?  Even if you have no
    intention of ever buying such a thing, at least you know one person


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