[clug] [OT] networked remote controlled power sockets

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Wed Nov 10 15:29:41 MST 2010

On 11/11/2010, at 07:48 , steve jenkin wrote:

> Questions:
> - Does anyone think these are a good or bad idea for homes?
>   Esp. how do TV's and other equipment with 'standby' react?

I use a remote control power board, one for the ADSL modem + router, another for my desktop computers at the other side of the room. None of my equipment has complained so far, but I have read reports that ink jet printers don't fare so well if they are continually power cycled since they will keep doing their "cleaning" thing and waste all your ink.

> - At $40-60 for 2 points, would any of you being
>   racing out to buy more than one?

Well, I paid $250 for 6 points, but I value that partly for the power savings, partly for the convenience since all my power points are under desks. Aldi have multi-station remote control power switches for about $40 per outlet - check their latest catalogue. The remote uses simple buttons which should be easily hackable to be remotely controlled using a simple controller (opto-isolator or some such, for example).

> - Article says "controlled by a PC", ie Windows. scary.

Not scary at all, just annoying.

> At first blush I thought "something new", after a few minutes, "just
> another onto the (home network/mgt) bandwagon".

The other devices which tie into a home network seem to be a better deal from my perspective, especially when we'll be looking at "smart power" in a few years where we can opt to pay variable rates for electricity during the day, and have the washing machine and dishwasher do their thing at 1am when the electricity is half price.

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