[clug] Using Kindle?

Felix Karpfen felix at spodzone.org.uk
Sat Mar 13 02:43:39 MST 2010

On Sat, 13 Mar 2010 18:08:08 +1100, Daniel Pittman wrote:

> Felix Karpfen <felix at spodzone.org.uk> writes:

>> For the record, here is what I found:
>> 1. The (UK-based) Book Depository sells all the (test-checked) books
>>    offered by (US) Amazon; I tested the availability of a current best-
>>    seller and the Godel book (that I have recently ordered from
>>    Amazon).
> Let me direct your attention, briefly, to http://www.booko.com.au/ for
> you to consider the next time you are looking at a purchase like this.

Did a test-run.

http://www.booko.com.au/ found the Godel book in microseconds and gave a 
long list of bookshops that are prepared to sell it to me.

Top of the list (and best price) was Book Depository. http://
www.booko.com.au/ failed to score an answer from Amazon!

Thank you for the pointer.


Felix Karpfen
Public Key 72FDF9DF (DH/DSA)

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