[clug] Software Freedom Day 2010 plans

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Tue Jun 29 16:24:23 MDT 2010

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Hi all,

It's time to kick off planning for Software Freedom Day in September.  We have
about 2000 blank CDs from Linux Australia for burning images on (we don't have
to use all of them, of course), and the big thing is going to be getting the
word out to people.

In the past we've run a stall at the Computer Fair on the day (the 18th, this
year), and then run an Install Fest the next week (the 25th) at ANU to give
people a chance to get some hands-on help installing and using their Free Open
Source Software.  I think that's a good plan, but I'm open to suggestions for

What I'd like to get now is a couple of people to volunteer to do parts of the
work.  One job is to organise publicity for the event in whatever media we can
reach.  Another is to organise and run the stall on the 18th, when I won't be
in town (I'll be carrying on my own tradition of handing out CDs in Gundagai).
 I'd like to get a person for each of these jobs by the 14th of July or earlier.

In the meantime, please suggest ideas of how to promote FOSS and Software
Freedom Day and things we can do to reach out to people!

Have fun,

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