[clug] OT: buying a com.au domain

Craig Small csmall at enc.com.au
Thu Jul 15 16:50:59 MDT 2010

On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 08:41:36AM +1000, Carlo Hamalainen wrote:
> I need to register a com.au domain for my partner. The prices on
> Melbourne IT seem a bit high. Are there any reliable places that are a
> bit cheaper?
A bit high! That's very diplomatic of you :)

Hmm, Melbourne IT com.au domain $140/2 years
Namescout com.au domain $27.45/2 years
It's about 6 times the price, I think, it's a bit early in the morning
for maths.

I use namescout and have for years, I get the domain, they get their $27
or so and that's about it really.  Can't really rave on about them but
they just do what's advertised with no hassle.

 - Craig
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