[clug] emz files

Antti Roppola anttir at shub-niggurath.elder-gods.net
Wed Jul 14 20:17:38 MDT 2010

> > Hi all,  my son-in-law,  the unashamed windows tech, insists on
> > sending me
> > .emz files.

I tinkered with EMF many years ago with a view towards moving content between Office 97
and DTP packages. In the end, it was put in the too hard basket as we couldn't reliably
get content out of EMFs. It seems to be a container format like TIFF where you need to
know a lot about what sort of of content the EMF has. EMF tends to be used for vectors.

Inkscape would be an obvious place to look, this paage seems to discuss import/export
format support issues. http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/FileTypes


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