[clug] Terminal Control Sequences

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> Thanks for the input, so for instance with this:
> echo -e '\033]2;Hello\007'
> which is ESC ] 2 ; Hello BEL
> Am I able to actually type this in?
> So far i tried to type in the sequence
> ESC ] 2 ; H e l l o Ctrl+G
> But nothing happens? Where as echo -e '\033]2;Hello\007' does work, so...
> maybe ctrl+g is not inputing a BEL character?
> Thanks!
I no longer run GNOME (and I don't run Ubuntu) so I am unable to
determine why you can't "actually type this in". Perhaps some of the
other list posters can help?

You asked about using cat to change the window title, hence the example.
(which I know to work in the past in gnome-terminal).

I "suspect" you need to look at David Schoens' post for your answer.

Best wishes :-)

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