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> Hi Everyone,
> I have been looking into what exactly is available/what i can do with
> control sequences within gnome-terminal.
> Now I have practically no idea about "terminals" or the control sequences
> themselves and everywhere i've looked seem to just have crazy stuff that
> either, I'm typing incorrectly or do not work within gnome-terminal.
> One of the things id like to know is if I can change the window title with
> control sequences, and if I can, can i enter that sequence in a text file
> and cat out the text file and have my window title change.
> If you could give me any tips or where I should be looking for this
> information it would be great.
> Cheers!
You can use the xterm control sequences to set the window title:
ESC ] 2 ; your_title BEL

For example,

/echo -e '\033]2;Hello\007'/

will make 'Hello' to be your title (the 2 means 'set both the window
title and the icon title; other values are 0 and 1 which only affect
one of them)

Useful References: man gnome-terminal, text-terminal-howto, and, man
For more info try http://people.gnome.org/~mariano/ (one of the main
gnome-terminal developers)


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