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Fri Jan 22 03:43:47 MST 2010

I've found gphoto, 'capture' (for Canon only. seems old) and libptp2.

Second part of the question is related to buying a new camera, does
anyone in the group do this already?
Are there cameras to avoid, or ones that work better?

I've seen the notion list of 1100 cameras supported by gphoto/libptp,
but wanted 'war stories'...

I'm after a low- to mid-priced 'compact' camera for this, not a DSLR
(unless it's ~$400). 5-12M-pixel. SD-card or CF.

Apparently there are some cameras (Canon Coolpix?) that have 'wireless'
interfaces. I'm guessing they mean 802.11 or bluetooth.
Any stories, warnings, caveats about that?


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