[clug] re network manager issues

Fredd freds72 at exemail.com.au
Sat Jan 23 18:47:02 MST 2010

Eyal Lebedinsky said

I have a server with two interfaces. One (eth1) goes to an adsl
modem/router and the other connects to the home machines (eth0).

For starters, when the machine boots up eth0 does not get an ip.
I fix it in rc.local. eth1 is set up properly. Both have very
similar ifcfg-eth* network scripts with static parameters.
end quote

Do you have permanent IP addresses, I would assume that eth1 gets its  
address from modem via dhcp but eth0 would not.
Could not get it from home machine as you cannot have two dhcp servers on  
same network.


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