[clug] Wireless N adapter recommendations?

Ian Bardsley ifb777 at tpg.com.au
Thu Jan 21 19:11:16 MST 2010

Chris Smart wrote:
> A friend has a USB Wireless N adapter which transfers data from his....

> snip

> So, can anyone recommend any Wireless N adapters, either USB or PCI
> Express that actually work on Linux?
> -c
Hi Chris.....

I have 3 x DLINK DWA 110 USB wifi dongles working just fine on my home 
network. Ubuntu Karmic using WICD as the network manager. Has worked 
ootb since Jaunty. The only problem I have experienced to date is that 
with Ubuntu Karmics quicker boot time, there is a delay of around 15 
seconds between boot completing and WICD connecting to the network. This 
is particularly noticable with my Myth box which runs Mythbuntu Karmic.



Ian Bardsley

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