[clug] TV Tuner tests

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Wed Jan 20 23:52:01 MST 2010

> Hi All,
> I was looking for a cheap USB DVB-T tuner available for pick-up in
> Canberra and ended up testing all of the cheap ones available at
> Jaycar. The short of it is that none of the cheaper ones work with
> Linux currently, there are some hybrid DVB-T and analogue tuners that
> are more expensive that I didn't try.
> My setup was Ubuntu 9.04 with a pull of the latest source from linuxtv
> compiled against the 2.6.28-17 kernel. There are some useful
> instructions on this process at http://tom.mercelis.be/blog/nl/node/12
> on how to set the correct kernel headers and config.
> Of all of the tuners I tried the KWorld usb stick should have worked
> but the chipsets have changed between the 395U and 395UR.

Bit irrelevant now, but I bought an ASUS U3100 for $50 for the eeepc,
but ran terrible on that

On Ubuntu-9.04 with me-tv, it is super and it was just a case of
plugging it in and *it worked*


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