[clug] Linux and Amateur Radio

Adam Baxter voltagex at voltagex.org
Sun Jan 17 04:24:29 MST 2010

In the 2003 bushfires, I understand that the HAMs were still up and
communicating with emergency services, even when mobile networks were down.
The notion of a highly robust communication "network" is very appealing.

On Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 5:11 PM, Keith Goggin <keith.goggin at bigpond.com>wrote:

> Mike Carden wrote:
>> In the wake of my recent and somewhat ham-fisted[1] intro to the local
>> Amateur Radio Club mailing list, in which I may have espoused Free
>> Software a bit too much, I thought I should raise the radio flag on
>> the CLUG list.
>> I'd like to thank Hugh Blemings and B'Dale Garbee for re-awakening the
>> radio bug in me a few years ago. Life, work and Uni have intervened in
>> the meantime but I have dusted off my radio quals to again hold a
>> license as an amateur.
>> I have a newbie's enthusiasm (and ignorance) mixed with a passion for
>> making things and doing fun stuff.
>> Are there enough Amateur Radio cluggers or cluggers with an interest
>> in electronics / radio to start something new, or are the radio / make
>> / clug lists enough?
> I certainly enjoy these electronics/hardware/programming type projects and
> don't  see them in any way off-topic but I confess  I don't understand the
> attraction of Amateur Radio in the age of the internet.
> From my limited understanding it seems one could equally well just send an
> email ;-)
> I do hope my naivety in this matter does not irritate those better
> informed.
> As a footnote I do see that packet radio which required an amateur licence
> (to transmit) was at one time useful in remote locations to connect to the
> internet, but as has been pointed out the speed was less than dial-up.
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