[clug] Linux and Amateur Radio

Keith Goggin keith.goggin at bigpond.com
Sat Jan 16 23:11:22 MST 2010

Mike Carden wrote:
> In the wake of my recent and somewhat ham-fisted[1] intro to the local
> Amateur Radio Club mailing list, in which I may have espoused Free
> Software a bit too much, I thought I should raise the radio flag on
> the CLUG list.
> I'd like to thank Hugh Blemings and B'Dale Garbee for re-awakening the
> radio bug in me a few years ago. Life, work and Uni have intervened in
> the meantime but I have dusted off my radio quals to again hold a
> license as an amateur.
> I have a newbie's enthusiasm (and ignorance) mixed with a passion for
> making things and doing fun stuff.
> Are there enough Amateur Radio cluggers or cluggers with an interest
> in electronics / radio to start something new, or are the radio / make
> / clug lists enough?
I certainly enjoy these electronics/hardware/programming type projects 
and don't  see them in any way off-topic but I confess  I don't 
understand the attraction of Amateur Radio in the age of the internet.

 From my limited understanding it seems one could equally well just send 
an email ;-)

I do hope my naivety in this matter does not irritate those better informed.

As a footnote I do see that packet radio which required an amateur 
licence (to transmit) was at one time useful in remote locations to 
connect to the internet, but as has been pointed out the speed was less 
than dial-up.

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