[clug] (OT?) NTFS 'Junction Points'

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Jan 14 13:55:03 MST 2010

We have many experienced SAMBA users/admins/authors on list...

Reading a ZDnet article, I found mention of 'junctions' in Win 7.

Wikipedia describes them in NTFS 3.0:

These look like _hard_ links for directories to me...
[can't cross mounts/volumes, filesystem loops possible, "exactly the
same" contents, special care/cmds to delete, ...]

Did I get this wrong?
Name 'junction' doesn't describe function to me.

Early Unix allowed files & dirs to be linked, but now it only seems to
be files (much much safer).

Interesting that NTFS seems to be doing what Unix/POSIX won't.
NTFS supports symlinks. Do they do file hard links as well?

[Apple's HFS+ filesys uses file & directory links for 'Time Machine' -
but with a local of special sauce. 'rm' & 'rmdir' don't work on these
linked files.]


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