[clug] Linux and Amateur Radio

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 03:34:18 MST 2010

In the wake of my recent and somewhat ham-fisted[1] intro to the local
Amateur Radio Club mailing list, in which I may have espoused Free
Software a bit too much, I thought I should raise the radio flag on
the CLUG list.

I'd like to thank Hugh Blemings and B'Dale Garbee for re-awakening the
radio bug in me a few years ago. Life, work and Uni have intervened in
the meantime but I have dusted off my radio quals to again hold a
license as an amateur.

I have a newbie's enthusiasm (and ignorance) mixed with a passion for
making things and doing fun stuff.

Are there enough Amateur Radio cluggers or cluggers with an interest
in electronics / radio to start something new, or are the radio / make
/ clug lists enough?

[1] Pun not quite intended

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