[clug] Bidding for jobs - Was developer to restrict ssh

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Mon Jan 11 05:47:31 MST 2010

I'm hijacking Miles' post because I want to get some feedback on bidding 
for jobs.

Miles Goodhew wrote:
>   Just wondering if you achieved "Satisfaction" with your request, or
> if you DIY'd or got someone to do the work.
>   If not, I'm available, have a (distant) background in Unix system
> security and am familiar with virtual  machine concepts.
>   I've only ever used Xen as a virtual-host client, but it's always
> attracted me as a server-level hypervisor and it wouldn't be hard to
> get filled-in on the details.
>   So if you still need someone and you think I might fit the bill,
> please email me or call me on (0414) 893 105.

I occasionally bid for contracts and have recently gone through a round 
of job applications.

The thing that immediately struck me about Miles' post was that it was 
very self-depreciating.  I "have a (distant) background", and then he 
points out his limitations with Xen.  This is nothing to do with Miles' 
particular skill sets but rather the method of putting yourself forward.

Now the reason this was so obvious to me is that I do it too.  It seems 
to be the socially accepted way of communicating and it's natural it 
gets carried into this kind of document.  I've always tried to fight 
against it and actually get a friend to read all of my job applications 
to make sure they put me forward in the best light.

What does the collective wisdom of the list think?  Is it better to play 
down your skills but still maintain you can do the job, or portray 
yourself as Dr. Wonderful and here to save the day.  I'm particularly 
interested in contractors who do this frequently and people who hire.


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