[clug] Downloading binaries from Newsgroups?

Felix Karpfen felix at spodzone.org.uk
Wed Jan 6 13:42:30 MST 2010

On Wed, 06 Jan 2010 18:27:44 +1100, Hal Ashburner wrote:

> I've heard of people using it to get hollywood movies and warez** and so
> on as well as the hideous(++) stuff.

I took a brief look at what was on offer at


The English language stuff, that I checked, was singularly uninspiring 
(some of it might have aroused my curiosity 60 years ago; but, alas, I am 
well and truly "over the hill").

But speakers of foreign languages fare marginally better.

Here is an entry for the DVDs of "The Lord of the Rings - Part 2":

View all 14 posts by JBinUp.com <JBinUp at JBinUp.local> [Multiple posts by 
same poster hidden]
(1/176) "dHdR.Die.zwei.Tuerme.DVD9.untouched.DGB.par2" yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 8.32 GB, parts available: 22462 / 22462
- 164 rar files
- 12 par2 files

At present, I have *no* idea what that says; and I do not intend to 
embark on a 8.32 GB download in order to find out.
> So I'm just going to sum it all up like this: "Felix: Stay away from
> newsgroup binaries, you don't want that stuff. I might well be wrong,
> someone will say so in reply if I am."
That has been my approach up till now.  And it has served me well so 

Thank you for taking the trouble to write such a detailed reply.


Felix Karpfen
Public Key 72FDF9DF (DH/DSA)

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