[clug] Free to a good Home - Canon s6300 Printer - Dead Print Head

Jeff Stiff smee.heee at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 18:24:38 MST 2010

G'Day List,

I have a Canon S6300 A3+ colour ink jet printer that I think the print head
has died.  It was working find last week, never had any trouble with it
since I got it, 10 years ago I think, so it has done me well.

Anyway, was just wondering if anyone would like the printer, and the ink
tanks, as I think I'm going to try a non-Canon printer, as I would rather
support a company that provides Linux drivers, or supports the making of
Linux drivers.

The Print Head is no longer made by Canon, but if someone has a spare print
head, then the printer should be fine again.  Even if it is just wanted for
the motors etc, all works fine, but the printer now prints parts of the page
as jibberish.  So the motors etc might be useful for the system
hackers/builders here.

I guess as a side note, if anyone has a suggestion of a good cheap printer,
feel free to suggest.  I don't really print much, and will probably just go
for a B&W single sided A4 laser, but don't want the toner to cost more that
the printer each 6 months etc.

Note, if you are following the other thread from me, I will not be
submerging the printer.  :)


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