[clug] Submerged PC (White Oil) & TV Capture Cards

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Tue Jan 5 08:17:23 MST 2010

> 2010/1/5 Arjen Lentz <arjen at lentz.com.au>
>> Hi Jeff
>> ----- "Jeff Stiff" <smee.heee at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > I am looking at trying my MythTV server submerged in White Oil
>> Couple of comments and questions...
>>  a) as shown by a url posted in the thread, PC in mineral oil can
>> work
>> fine.
>>  d) I don't understand why you want to use white oil, this may in
>> fact be
>> dangerous. I'll explain:
>> White oil is essentially veggie oil + dishwashing liquid. Detergent
>> is fat
>> + emulsifier. What does an emulsifier do? It allows fat/oil to mix
>> with
>> water. And that's my worry. Why the blazes would you want to add
>> something
>> into your coolant that allows water to mix in the oil?
>> Water is something you don't want to have any of. When mixed with
>> pure oil,
>> it won't mix, it'll separate with the oil on top and water at the
>> bottom.
>> Easily managed.
>> So, based on that I would suggest going for pure mineral oil like
>> the other
>> example did successfully, and not use white oil? And please feel
>> free to try
>> and tackle this train of logic, that's what it's there for.
> The reason for the white oil was based on the original url posted.
> They
> used it, and did not have any issues.  I believe from past reading,
> not a
> recent refresh, that the others that used the pure mineral oil had it
> go off
> after a few months.  This might be wrong, it might have been using
> "pure"
> veggie oil.
> I was under the impression that white oil was essentially pure mineral
> oil.
> I agree that I do not want it to help water mix with it, or to have
> anything
> added to it.
> Given the above, what is "Pure" mineral oil, and where can it be
> sourced
> from?
> The fumes/vapour issue is interesting.  Maybe the garage might be the
> new
> location for the Myth backend.  I do wonder (more research needed)
> what
> temperature the oil would need to get to to start giving off vapour.
> While
> the cpu might still get around the 70c mark, I am hopeful that the
> amount of
> oil, about 40 litres, should stay relatively cool.  Also, the tank
> will be
> capped, not air tight, but it will have a lid, that what where I was
> planning on housing the hard drives.
> I will still go ahead with the experiment, but will revise some
> features
> based on advice and concerns raised.  Any more advice appreciated.

http://www.clearcoproducts.com/ may help with specs.

Know anyone in ACTEW?

http://www.clearcoproducts.com/silicone_transformer_oil.html will go
to 300 C, at which point, I suspect your other silicon products would
have failed.


> Cheers,
> Jeff.
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