[clug] IceTV

Jeff Stiff smee.heee at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 18:15:47 MST 2010

2010/1/3 Adam Baxter <voltagex at voltagex.org>

> Has anyone here subscribed to IceTV? Is it worth it?
> I'm sick of not being able to get good guide data for MythTV &
> Mediaportal. I know about Shepard but I've never been able to get it
> working properly.
> I've had IceTV for a couple of years now.  It is fairly reliable data, the
worst being the Channel 9 and affiliates, due to the court case a while
back.  The worst of this is usually just not having the specific epiosde
title listed.

The only other issue around IceTV is when new channels appear, it can take
up to 2 weeks for the data to be reliable.  But we are just about finished
now with new channels coming.

I debate each year about renewing the subsciption or going with Shepherd
etc, but always end up renewing. The data just seems more reliable.


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