[clug] Gmail - web interface or linux client? (linux Digest, Vol 86, Issue 45, Message 6)

Geoff Swan shinobi.jack at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 18:54:02 MST 2010

>> Just wondering what all the gmail users out there use as far as their email
>> interface goes.  Do people prefer just loading their favourite browser and
>> interacting with gmail that way or have people gone for clients such as
>> Evolution etc?  Pros and Cons of each option?

I use the web interface. I have tried Evolution - but because I don't
delete my email syncing uses up more hard drive space (on my 4GB eee)
than a care to lose. I should see if I can set it to only to download
new email - but I haven't felt an urgent need to sort this out. The
web interface has been sufficient.


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