[clug] Gmail - web interface or linux client?

Andrew Donnellan andrew at donnellan.id.au
Sat Feb 20 01:21:57 MST 2010

On Sat, Feb 20, 2010 at 5:24 PM, Grant Morphett <grant at gmorph.com> wrote:
> Just wondering what all the gmail users out there use as far as their email
> interface goes.  Do people prefer just loading their favourite browser and
> interacting with gmail that way or have people gone for clients such as
> Evolution etc?  Pros and Cons of each option?

I use the web interface: easier to access on multiple machines, fits
in fairly naturally when browsing websites and using Facebook or other
web applications, and the Gmail interface is fairly good so I've had
no particular incentive to change.

The main drawbacks of the web interface that I've noticed are not
being able to use plugins like Enigmail, not having good list-handling
and otherwise being fairly inflexible. Although I still haven't found
any of those to be enough of a reason to switch primarily to using a
desktop email client.

(This is my first post to the CLUG list, I've just moved to Canberra
to study at the ANU so hopefully I'll see some of you on Thursday!)


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