[clug] Internode dumps FOSS for MS Exchange

Chris Smart mail at christophersmart.com
Thu Feb 18 04:43:53 MST 2010

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 10:06 PM, Paul Wayper <paulway at mabula.net> wrote:
> management, video decoding offload and other stuff.  Maybe so, but I suspect
> for most people it's not going to matter - they'll get a driver that does 2D
> and 3D for their video card out of the box, and they won't even bother to see
> what nVidia's driver might do.  Gradually nVidia will see downloads of its

That was my point exactly..

> Hackett is talking about going to Microsoft Exchange not because he wants to
> support Microsoft, but because he wants to fire up a bunch of developers and
> companies out there to say "here's your lost business opportunity - come and
> get it back!".  If it was anything else it would be a completely different
> write-up.

I don't see that at all.. if that was indeed tha case, then he could
have made a public announcement before he switched. To me it sounds
like they have already made the cohice, paid the license fees and this
is a PR statement for Microsoft. Honestly, that's what it sounds like
because otherwise why would be bother? No-one outside of Internode
cares what they run on their internal networks, it's got nothing to do
with us. He has no reason to explain his actions except to his staff
(and maybe share holders). It would be like him announcing what brand
of toilet paper they've decided to switch to.

Anyway, the major question is, do we care anyway? If they want to
switch to Exchange, good on them.


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