[clug] Internode dumps FOSS for MS Exchange

David Howe david at qednet.biz
Wed Feb 17 21:35:31 MST 2010

Interesting reading...I'm just overseeing a move to an open source email 
system in a small office away from exchange and Zimbra and frankly the 
intelligence and IT savvy ness of users is a bigger problem than the 
system which reinforces my view that people opt for Microsoft because 
users don't need to or can't be bothered thinking about anything to do 
with a computer beyond click this button.

Chris Smart wrote:
> Internode has dumped free software and instead rolled out Microsoft
> Exchange for mail, calendaring, etc. Simon Hackett presented his
> reasons for the migration and it's a compelling argument.
> "http://blog.internode.on.net/2010/02/12/microsoft-exchange-at-internode/"
> He says:
> "We’ve been trying to get a working, open source based, cross platform
> calendaring system happening at Internode for years and years. And
> we’ve never managed it.
> There’s always something that doesn’t work right, or a need to run a
> plethora of ‘conduit’ tools between multiple calendar systems.
> Somehow, no matter how hard you try, that seems to turn into a dogs
> breakfast, and involves some horrid compromises on at least one of
> your operating systems in terms of user access to the resulting
> information."
> If Internode can't get it right, what hope does the rest of the world have?
> -c

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